Climate Change

Drought, wildfires, heat, flooding, increased air pollution and more make climate change a health emergency.

From the direct impact of the temperature and weather changes to the disproportionate burdens these changes place on at-risk individuals and communities, climate change seriously threatens our wellness—especially our lung health.

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Climate change is a health emergency. From wildfires and worsened ozone air pollution to extreme storms and flooding, climate change is placing our health at risk.

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What is Climate Change?

Many of the same sources of pollution that emit harmful air pollution are also driving climate change.
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Climate Change and Lung Health

Air pollution, extreme weather events and other challenges stemming from climate change all endanger lung health.
Here's why.

What We Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Cleaning up the greenhouse gases that cause climate change presents major opportunities for lung health.
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Page last updated: August 17, 2021

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