Asthma & Climate Change: Tips All People with Asthma Should Know

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Asthma is a disease that requires a diagnosis by a healthcare professional and ongoing assessments and monitoring throughout your lifetime. At the initial visit, your asthma care provider will determine your level of severity and create a treatment plan. At each follow-up visit, they will assess your asthma control and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

How Is Asthma Diagnosed?

To diagnose asthma, your doctor will evaluate your symptoms, ask for your complete health history, conduct a physical exam and look at test results. Here's what to expect.

How Is Asthma Treated?

A variety of medicines can help control asthma, but regular healthcare and an action plan are important parts of your treatment. Learn about ways to treat asthma.

What to Ask Your Doctor

Here are five important questions to ask your doctor about asthma.

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