Juanita M

Juanita M., IL

We must support action on climate change to protect Latino community. Latinos across this country, especially children, the elderly, and those with chronic lung diseases like asthma, face numerous health risks associated with air pollution, and climate change is making air quality worse. Given the recent emerging evidence showing that long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with an increased mortality rate from COVID-19, addressing air pollution and climate change is even more important, especially as nearly 17% of reported deaths from COVID-19 in the United States reported thus far have been from the Latino community (CDC). It is critical to fully implement the Clean Air Act, and support action on climate change to make sure that all Americans, including Latino Americans, have healthy air to breathe. It is part of the fight against COVID-19.  

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | Oct 25, 2021
Lung Mind Alliance Convening
, | Dec 08, 2021